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September 22nd, 2015

I don't know about you but something is going on this month.  I haven't been able to sleep since the start of it.  I wake up at midnight, or 1, or 2 am, and I have a tough time going back to sleep.  Stress?  No I don't think so.  My body has felt different too, what the heck is going on?  Many are saying we are getting bombarded with gamma rays and other celestial energies.  Is this having an effect on us?  I think so.  Some are pointing to September 28th as a day of potential big change, what may happen?  Some say it will be a day of ascension, some say it will a day of great chaos, what once was will no longer be.  Are we talking total collapse?  Some may believe that, I don't.  There are so many sources out there, who do you trust?  I trust the ones that don't add to the fear and chaos, we need to remember that even where there appears to be truth there is disinformation.  Fear has been a ruling factor of this planet for so long, it literally feeds certain beings.  So what is going on with the planet?  And with us?  Most I talk to will agree we are going through a spiritual change, an evolutional change, it has been a prophecy foretold by the ancients. 

On short notice Jen Howell came in to talk what we can expect from all of these solar flares pounding us, and all of the astrological signs effecting us.  In short, don't panic, it's not the end, it's all part of the great shift that is pushing us towards greater self love.  Thank you Jen.




September 18th, 2015

Thank you Tricia for sharing this with me.  I find it hard to believe that we lived as we were told by our historians.  I like to watch those shows like Dual Survivor, or Naked And Afraid, and you realize how difficult it is for people to survive without modern conveniences.  How possibly did our ancestors survive?  Many believe that we once lived more in harmony with the planet, we had greater knowledge than we do now on treating dis-ease.  We were more psychic and in harmony with our surroundings.  The following video shows what's happened to many of the ancient indigenous peoples, how so much of what they knew was destroyed.  Was it deliberate?  I have no doubt.  Why?  Control.  Keep the lies going, keep us in the dark.  It matters not, we are returning to what we once knew, we are remembering.  Have you noticed this?





Medium Dana VanEnkevort

September 2nd, 2015

 dana.jpgMy guest has been a medium in this area for 3 years and yet we've never met.  Well, apparently the universe decided it was time, thank you universe.  Dana VanEnkevort is a gifted medium/psychic who has seen dead people for as long as he can remember.  Dana will share this week how he communicates with spirit, but also how he feels it's part of his greater path to bring comfort and compassion to those still dealing with loss. 


Having some spirit problems?  Dana has dealt with that a fair amount as well.  I've heard of many who've had spirit issues, it almost seems like an epidemic, feel free to contact Dana via Facebook regardless of what you think is messing with you. 


Dana is a cool guy, a gentle vibration who truly enjoys helping others.


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