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November 28th, 2014

I've had Dr. Larry Lytle on my show before talking about something he invented that is supposed to help replace electrons that disappear from atoms, when that happens he claims we get sick.  Is there any truth to his claims?  I don't know, so I'm not recommending his machine.  But I keep an open mind.  Do you know anyone who has used one of his devices?  Now Larry claimed he had a fall and he was told that he'd have to replace his hip.  Larry claims by using his device his body healed and didn't have to get surgery.  Larry was a little vague when I asked him about the price of the device but I did find it interesting that he theorized that our attitudes have a lot to do with the electrons disappearing from our atoms.  He told me "Scientists don't know why this happens."  And I asked if it could be caused by our thoughts and feelings.  "Yes, I believe so."  That told me all I needed to hear as for what I've heard from so many about dis-ease, we ultimately are the ones who usually bring it on.  From Rapid City South Dakota my guest this week is Dr. Larry Lytle.


November 21st, 2014


This week I join Joy in our collaboration of Joy Of Union.  On the show this week is someone whom Joy met when she was up here last summer.  Jen Howell is from Gladstone Michigan and is on her journey of being an astrologer and energy worker.  I've chatted with astrologists before, I honestly was never really that impressed with it's validity.  After talking to Jen and listening to her explanations, I really have taken a different view on astrology.  What does it hurt to at least look at it with an open mind?



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November 7th, 2014

Joy and I speak with a remarkable woman by the name of Dottie Woodward.  Dottie has had many experiences and developed many skills.  What I find really interesting about Dottie is her connectedness to the Galactic Federation. 

Soul Support Certified Facilitator in Soul RecognitionSM, Teacher of HeartThreadSM and Circuitry AlignmentSM, and a Facilitator of the Accelerated Thinking Process.

Dottie has always been intrigued with the spiritual world and energy fields and is the visionary artist of the “Light Angel” and other paintings. She is also a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Master Teacher and practitioner of Usui, Karuna and Radiance Reiki. She is dedicated to exploring healing modalities and actively raising the consciousness of the planet. She believes that practicing Reiki is a major way to do that.

Dottie is president of the NGH Central PA Chapter of Hypnotists and the organizer of the Meetup group, Spiritual Trend Setters.


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