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August 30th, 2013

5 and a half years ago I didn't know I had 3 sisters in my soul family."What are you crazy?"  Well now I got to finally meet Roslyn McGrath and Joy Melchezidek and they feel like family.  Also on the show is Reverend Debby as we help a friend named Judy.  Awesome show this week!

What I admire most about these 3 amazing beings is their compassion and love they bring for all they help.  Each brings their own abilities to help and assist others.  We all see a similar picture of an awakening time.






August 19th, 2013

For a few weeks now I've been having Reverend Debby on the radio at 8:50am eastern for a show we do on Friday's called Psychic Fridays.  The following are a series of calls I edited together from more than one show.  People can call in around 8:50am eastern to talk to Debby at 906-789-0097 or 906-228-4433.   www.angelicencounters.com


August 9th, 2013

psychicfront2new1b.jpgCassandra Blizzard from Daytona Florida joins me this week.  I've been meaning to get in contact with Cassandra for some time, Frank Feschino (Flatwoods Monster) recommended I contract her.  Not to be one to procrastinate or put things off, well, like anyone I can put things off, or even forget about them.  I am so glad I went back through old emails and contacted Cassandra, she has so much to say and it was like we were reconnecting from a previouis time.  Maybe we were...

To me it all seems so simple and after listening to Cassandra it reinforces what I've felt for a long time.  Could it be just that simple and we've had it mixed up for so long?  This week, from the land of sweat and huge mosquitoes (Florida) I welcome Cassandra Blizzard.



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