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baby.jpgFinally.  I finally was able to get a show to upload after trying the last couple of days.  We finally were all able to get together, Reverend Debby, Anita Carlson, and Judy Papineau to talk about Harold Olson.  I've come to learn that the universe doesn't use a clock.  It lines things up on it's own time, when the time is right. 

If you are not familiar with Harold Olson's story here is a brief refresher:  He came to believe he was the kidnapped Lindbergh baby.  He had birthmarks that were identical to the Lindbergh baby, 3 of them on one of his arms.  According to records, the dead baby they actually found was not even a male child, and was a few inches longer than it was supposed to be.  Some believe Al Capone was either involved in the kidnapping or the relocating of the Lindbergh baby.  If true, then Harold was kidnapped, held in a house in New Jersey, then brought to Chicago and eventually flown into upper Michigan.  Harold was then taken in by a family here in Upper Michgan.  Sound crazy?  Maybe.  When Harold was in his early twenties he was going to fight in the Korean war and a couple of cousins met him in Chicago.  They felt they had to tell him, since he may not come back, that he was adopted and that his father may be one of two famous figures.  After the war, Harold's real journey began.  As for upper Michigan's connection to Al Capone, it is well known that Al had a home in Escanaba, it's actually just a few blocks from our studios.  This was one of his stopping points along the way to Chicago and who knows where.  There is a hotel in this town where many say Al used to stay.  If you go back in my archives you will find a few interviews with Anita and Judy. 

Anita Carlson was a cousin to Harold though his adoptive family.  Judy Papineau read a book called In Search Of The Lindbergh Baby, in turn she wrote a screenplay out of it.  Just within the last year Judy met Anita, even though they both have lived in Escanaba for many years.  Both have been trying to find a way to promote Harold's story.  Our goal was to bring in an intuitive/sensitive/psychic and see what we might be able to learn from the other side, if anything.  So I thought my sista (as I call her) Reverend Debby Bergeon would be a good fit.  So what happened in this show?  Did we make contact with Harold Olson.  Yes, we did.  But we also had some other surprises that took place.  Were we able to confirm anything?  Is Harold the Lindbergh baby?  Has he made contact with the Lindbergh's on the other side?  How does he feel about Anita and Judy persuing this quest? 

This show is really interesting.  Thanks to Anita and Judy but especially Reverend Debby for taking the time to help these two gals out.  Awesome!

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