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July 27th, 2011

aurora_img_2005254.jpgI decided to talk about something I heard about years ago, in more than one book.  I have no way of proving any of this, so this is a rare time that I will not be talking to someone who's had a personal experience to share.  How could I?  You know anyone who's been inside the hollow Earth?  Imagine the looks you'd get if you walked up to someone and asked them that?  In the 1980's I read a book that was simply called The Hollow Earth and it really made me look the possibility that our center could be hollow.  How do you know?  Have you ever been there before, I haven't.  I also heard it from an entity called Ramtha that this place existed.  Then there are stories like Olaf Johnson, a Norewegian fisherman who along with his father found this place back in the 1800s.  There are some reports that there are these humanlike beings that live inside the Earth, they are similar to us only much taller.  They live a long time without disease.  They open doorways at certain locations, Bermuda for one, to pop out and take a peek at what we're doing to the planet.  Sound really crazy?  Perhaps it is, I don't know for sure.  But it peaks my interest and I've always wanted to do a show about this subject.  What about Admiral Byrd?  Remember that he flew over the North Pole and reported seeing green vegetation, some thought he was lost, others speculated that he had found a passage to the inner Earth.  Just imagine if this were true?  Maybe some of the mythology might have a basis in truth.  Maybe all mythology has a basis in truth?  So, the more I do this show, the more I start to share things that are deep within, it allows you to think I may be a bit nutty, but it also allows me to share what I've heard from many years ago.  So, please don't take it too seriously.  Do you know any inner Earth people?  :)  By the way, I'm on vacation next week, so have a great week!


July 20th, 2011

channeling.jpgBack in the late 80's I came across the term The Christ Consciousness while reading some books.  At first it was offensive because of my religious beliefs at the time.  Over time I heard it used again and again.  Did you ever hear of the book "A Course In Miracles"?  The book was written by a channel who was working through the Christ Consciousness, similar to what I am about to do with this show.  So what is this Christ Consciousness?  The best way I can describe it is that it is a higher state of mind (energies) that we are all capable of tapping into, and when we do so we can start to find out who we really are and we can also start to do things that we may term miraculous.  They describe themselves as pure love.  Now if this conflicts with your beliefs then I suggest you go no further, my intent with this interview was to seek answers, I am a very curious person.

So thanks to Roslyn McGrath for allowing herself to be a vessel so that we can communicate with these energies.  What are they?  Again I have no clue, I even ask them what they do all day, do they watch tv?  In the first part of this interview Roslyn discusses how channeling works and her desire to be a part of the process.  After the break we start talking to the Christ Conciousness and believe me, I have a ton of questions.  Now some of you will think this is fake, or Roslyn is making it up, for all I know she may, but I believe she is not.  Regardless, I find this interview incredibly facinating.  This is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting shows I've done yet.  Maybe it's too "out there" for some.  We talk about Jesus's life, our beginings on the planet, how we can move forward to achieve this state of being, etc.

By the way, when the show was recorded it was Roslyn's birthday, so happy belated birthday Roslyn!  Roslyn's website:   www.intuitivelearningcreations.com


July 13th, 2011

jackallisbytree.jpgLet's be honest, most of us are pretty good at giving lip service.  "I'm going to do that, one of these days."  "I plan on taking care of that soon."  My guest this week is here to gently remind us that there is no time like the present.  Why?  If you're familiar with Jack Allis's work then you know that he speaks of the current shift we are experiencing.  Many say it is a shift in the Earth's energies as well as our own.  Many feel a great desire to warn others, or at least try to wake them up.  I don't feel a great desire to warn you, you can do as you wish, maybe none of this will even happen, futhermore I respect your choice.  But, what does it hurt to look within?  I always like that message.  Also, I know in my heart that something is going on.  One thing I noticed recently, what I think about seems to happen a lot quicker than it did before.  Others tell me of strange things as well, how about you?  I am on edge more, or at least I was.

Jack Allis has studied ancient indigenious prophecies and has become involved with Mayan Elders, as of this fall Jack is moving from his home near Milwaukee to a place near Deer Mountain to live in a sustainable community.  Why?  He feels the need to relocate with others of like mind to prepare himself for what may be coming.  Some may think this foolish, what does he have to lose?  He's walking his walk.  Jack has a new dvd out that deals with native chanting, dancing and singing.  Do I believe in this?  Yes, I've seen it first hand, I know that the ancients as well as the natives in this land used dancing, singing, drumming etc. to raise vibrations, or even communicate with spirits.  This in turn may have lead to rainfall that was needed, or food that was supplied, or communication with those that have passed.  I've heard that some in this country are doing experiments with water to raise it's vibrations through concentrated thought.  If you look up Deepak Chopra you will see more on that.  Why would anyone do that?  Imagine what we could do if with just a thought we could cleanse dirty water, or create food from a thought?  Is that possible?  Perhaps all things are possible.  Please welcome Jack Allis from Wisconsin.    www.jackallis.com


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