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May 26th, 2011

maryaneebrown.jpgOn the left is Maryanne Brown, a woman much like myself who feels that things are changing and feels the need to make some changes.  She feels the need to connect with others of like mind, and to find answers.  In the past she has held an event at the Landmark Inn in Marquette called Crossings.  It is a gathering of souls who are seeking answers, some of it through what is termed paranormal.  Some of it is connected to indigenous Earth teachings.  And there is much more.  Why are so many at this point driven to find answers.  Are there things you've  done your whole live that no longer serve you and you are starting to look around?  Did you wake up one day recently and realize that your job is no longer your desire? 

Maryanne has put together an allstar line up for this years event which is being held on the first weekend in November.  Outside of the interview we both discussed how we seek out individuals who we feel are geniune.  A few have been guests on this show will be at this event including Reverend Debby, Jack Allis, Rosalyn McGrath, Lisa Shiel and others.  You can follow the link to the Crossings website to find out more information.

This I know of Maryanne, she has a good heart, is always seeking and wants to give others a chance to gain knowledge of the unknown, which seems to becoming more known each and every day.   http://mqtcrossings.webs.com/


May 19th, 2011

ricklake2.jpgJoining me this week is musician/friend Rick Sonier, from Munising Michigan, with a personal story that may seem a bit bittersweet.  This reminded me of my own recent incident involving my wife, her family and a pigeon.  To me, and Rick, these events seem like they are more than coincidences.  I have told others, some dropped their jaw, others just laughed at me like I was loony.  (which is fine by me, I like to bring others laughter, it is good for their soul)

Now that I consider myself more aware I often wonder how many other coincidences I've missed out on when I was younger.  I am fortunate, at least I feel that way now, I have made contacts and friendships with some who have the ability to decipher what these coincidences mean.  I have also learned to trust my heart more, and usually I know what message I am being sent.  Someone once said "There are no coincidences."  If that is true, then imagine the opportunities that happen to all of us each and every day.  What are we trying to be told?  Only you can figure that out for yourself.

edmundfitzgerald.jpgRick also talks about how he coincidently met Gordon Lightfoot one time when he pretended to be doing an interview as a freelance writer and how Lightfoot even talked about The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald, a song that has a deeper meaning to most of us who live up here in Upper Michigan.

If you're interested in obtaining some of Rick's music:  sonier@jamadots.com

One other thing, the psa I use this week is from the Foundation For A Better Life.  I went to their website and found out they don't take donations.  The foundation was started as a multi billion dollar donation from a wealthy man.  The foundation is not allied to any religious affiliation and I like their message.  With that said I will chose to promote them since it only appears that their goal is to put out a positive message.


May 11th, 2011

spiritwarriors.jpgThis week:  Part 2 of my interview with Dan Dunlop.  More strange experiences to talk about this week.  Dan, like some of my guests, has had his share of unusual experiences.  It is this first hand knowledge and experience that rings true to me because I have had similar experiences.  Some of the topics we cover include Dan's experience with the Little People, and his knowledge on dealing with the spirit world.  While both Dan and I talk from our own experiences we both know that there is so much more for us to learn.  Both of us feel when you start to think you have all the answers you will no longer step forward, because your ego has stopped you in your tracks.  Both of us also know that when you start getting too full of it, you will be humbled.  Has this ever happened to you?  Have you noticed it happening more? 


When we first became friends Dan was still on the road to recovery.  I remember one time we had to go to Newberry Michigan because Dan had left his car there.  Now, how did that come about?  Well, let's just say Dan got in a bit of trouble and couldn't get back up that way until he got out of jail.  I remember we needed assistance to get his car out because it was stuck in some snow.  At just the right time a man came along with a four wheel drive and helped us get it out.  There was a time when we stopped communicating with each other, usually because Dan was in the slammer and I had no idea where he was.  Every once in a while he would give me a call, sometimes it would be a couple years from the last time, and he would want to talk.  One time he called my house and was a bit drunk, I refused to talk to him.  Now what kind of friend does that make me?  He still continued to want to be my friend and has been persistant to this day.  And while I may approach friendships with a little more caution, I am gratefull that the one called Dan Dunlop has chosen me as his friend.  I am fortunate indeed.


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