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Emotional_Intelligence_cover.jpgYou ever live through chaos?  Was everything in your life a mess?  Did it all seem to happen at once?  How did you recover from it?  My guest this week has made the turn and is finding peace.  She feels that there is always a greater message, but what is it?  Jane feels that when there is turmoil we are getting a wake up call.  What is a wake up call, is it different for each one of us? 

At an early age Jane was exposed to a medium and she was told some things about the people around her and the lifetimes they shared.  Yes, this is about reincarnation.  Do you believe it's possible?  Is everyone we come in contact with a part of that plan?  If this exists, is it possible to uncover what I have planned for myself this time around?  Why even do this to begin with?

Everyone may have a slightly different look at the same subject.  I believe in reincarnation, I have since I was a child.  I have faint memories of a lifetime as a Native American in the late 1700's.  I was told I was called Roaming Buffalo.  (the first thing my mother saw)  I always thought God kept sending us down here til we got it right.  Now I see it as a choice we make so we can learn.   Learn what?  You tell me?


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