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January 30th, 2009

lindagodfrey.jpgLinda S Godfrey is an author and investigator from southeastern Wisconsin.  Linda has written several books including the one she co-authored with Lisa Schiel called Strange Michigan.  I had a little free time this week so I shot her an email and she agreed to come on the show.  My first impression is that she is humble, down to earth, and genune. 

Now before you pass judment on the topic, perhaps you should listen to the show.  To be honest just prior to talking to Linda I would have probably not believed that these things existed.  I saw a couple of shows about the man-wolf but really haven't heard much about these creatures.  To me, if I was a regular listener, I would think that this is totally "out there".  After our chat...hmm...not so much. 

Linda has made appearances on Coast To Coast, The Jeff Rense Show, and the tv show Monster Quest.

So, if they're real, what are they?  This one might be a little scary for some of you.  Proceed with caution.  Comments?

For more on Linda and her site check out her link to Out There.

Episode XXXIX Mindy Wills Trip To Texas

January 21st, 2009


Mindy joins me again this week and we discuss her trip to Texas.  By the way congrats to Mindy on her engagement!  Mindy and her fiance (who's family is from Texas) spent the holidays down near Waco, and took a trip to San Antonio.  Mindy heard some interesting ghost stories while down there and shares those on this podcast.

Also we discuss an event we went to a couple of years ago that involved channeling.  Is channeling real, for one?  If so, is it wise to be messing with the unknown?  How do you feel about this?

Also Mindy belongs to a ghosthunting group out of Escanaba Michigan so we get into that a bit as well.  Hope you enjoy the show!

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Episode XXXVIII Dr. Fred Pescatore

January 14th, 2009

Flu shots, do you think they are necessary?  This doctor doesn't think so.  According to Dr. Pescatore the shot only covers one type, and there are many types.  So what can you do?  Dr. Pescatore offers some natural options.

Dr. Pescatore works at a clinic in New York city and has seen many amazing results using a natural alternative.  Dr. P. also hosts a weekly talk show on a radio station in the city.

Finally the doc talks about a personal bizzare incident that happened to him concerning his father.  He had to think for a while but eventually remembered this brief but strange encounter. 

You can find out more about Dr. Fred Pescatore at:  www.drpescatore.com


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